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Title: Gardening
Wordcount: 293
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Gardening fun
Notes: This is just the start of a collection of little drabbles about my FFXIV character, Eon. May be updated, may not, it's just a whim thing.

The Many Adventures of Eon

Eon crouched down near the bloodpepper, eyeing the young plant speculatively. It seemed healthy enough, if a little undergrown compared to its brethren. Maybe he missed a fertilizer session…?

The cottage door opened and he glanced over his shoulder to se Xiexie stop just outside the door and stretch. She’d probably hit him for thinking it, but he found Lalafells awkwardly adorable. He grew up around Miqo’te and Hyur, and his first time seeing a Lalafell was when he arrived at Aleport over a year ago.

“Hey, Xie,” he called, and she gave him a little wave. Eon lifted his hand to return the gesture, then hesitated and instead motioned her to come over, trying very hard to hide his smirk.

Where there's a garden...


“Just checking the garden.” Eon stood and needlessly brushed off his knees. “Could you check this guy for me? Something seems off but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Xie shrugged and crouched down, and Eon couldn’t hold back his smirk any more.

“It seems ok, just a little undergrown,” Xie said, squinting a bit in the early morning sunlight. “Could use a little wa—“ She stopped as little bits of dirt fell down into her platinum hair, and Eon started chuckling madly. “Eon.”

He finished sprinkling the Thanalan soil on her and grabbed the watering can. I am so dead. “Yup?”

“If you even—“

"Popotoes gotta drink."

Eon had a moment to enjoy the look on her face as he dumped the contents of the watering can over her head, and then pain erupted from his shins as she smacked him with her Hailstorm Cane. Xie left him lying in the grass holding his leg and alternating between laughter and hissing in pain.

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