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Title: Pranks
Wordcount: 1072
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: Some very minor Mog quest spoilers
Summary: Because pranks are always a good idea.
Notes: Inspired by the Mog Quests, and the fact that dragonets basically have the mentality of young children. Might be some OOC, I am not 100% on everyone's personalities.

“They’ll never know the difference.”

Mogek shook his head, his pom bouncing back and forth. “I’m all for pranks, but are you sure, kupo?”

Eon grinned behind his helmet, and then nodded when he remembered Mogek couldn’t see his face. “Absolutely.”

The moogle seemed less than convinced, but Eon was ready. He’d planned this since the moment Mogzin had introduced him to Ohl Deeh, and only cemented his idea after witnessing the dragonets playing with the toy airships he made them.

He peeked around the fountain from where he crouched with Mogek. Ohl Deeh and his other dragonet friend hovered near the plaza entrance, oblivious.

“Do you have the special kupo nut?”

“Right here, kupo.” Mogek held out the exploding nut, and Eon grabbed it carefully in his huge paws. Both Miqo’te and moogle held their breath as Eon fumbled it slightly.

“Eh-heh, oops.”


Eon grinned so wide he hurt his face. “Ready?” Mogek nodded so vigorously his pom nearly hit his nose. “Here goes.”

He stood and hurled the kupo nut. It landed a short way from Ohl Deeh and exploded in a cloud of smoke. The young dragons turned in surprise, their wings flapping wildly in panic as Eon emerged from the cloud in his moogle suit, Mogek behind him trumpeting a horn.

“Behold the great moogle god!” he boomed, and posed with his hands on his hips in what he thought was a rather dramatic fashion.

< What the…?! > Ohl Deeh cried out in surprise.

< Moogle god…? > the other dragonet asked, and Eon turned and pointed with his fake claws.

“Yes! I am the great god Mogene and I demand tribute!”

By now the worker moogles dotted around the plaza were fully staring at the sight of Eon in a moogle suit with Mogek flying around him with his horn. Out of the corner of his eye Eon caught Tarresson holding his head in his hands.

< There’s no such-- >

Tribute!” Eon said again, his voice booming throughout the plaza. “I have watched you toil together with my moogles, but are you truly worthy? Prove to me you are by finding my lost horn! It looks like this one,” he pointed to Mogek’s, “only gold. Pure gold! The first one to find it will receive my blessing!”

Ohl Deeh and his friend exchanged glances. < So…it’s a race? >

Eon grinned. “I lost it near the Lost Landlord. Who can find it first, I wonder.”

He’d barely finished his sentence when the two dragonets launched themselves in the air, taunting each other about who was fastest. Eon held in his laughter until they were well beyond the plaza and then nearly doubled over, holding his sides.

“How long do you think it will take them?” Mogek wondered, and Eon plopped himself to the ground still laughing. “You did hide it, didn’t you?”

“In the fountain, in the shadow of the statue,” Eon said, and went to brush tears from his cheeks only to remember he still wore the fake moogle head. “I told you they’d never know the difference,” he said as he removed the helmet.

Mogek spun around happily and chirped as Tarresson made his way over to the pair.

“Eon, what are you doing?”

The Miqo’te looked up at the older craftsman and gave a small wave. “We’ve all been so busy lately, just having some fun.”

“I see. You also left the rest of the camp out of the fun.”


Tarresson shook his head and shrugged, and Eon grinned. “Why, what did you have in mind?”

The older Elezen smirked. “I’d have asked them to find my baskets.”

Time passed, and Mogek wandered away to help Mogzin with a project. Eon sat leaning against the plaza fountain, his moogle head on the ground beside him as he stared out in the direction of the Lost Landlord. They’re taking a lot longer than I thought they would…

“Hey, Mogek,” Eon called and hauled himself to his feet. The moogle peeked his head around the plaza wall and waved. “You see any sign of them yet?”

“No.” He placed a paw to his mouth as he thought. “Should I go look for them? We can say the great god grew impatient and sent me?”

“That might work. I just—“

< I found it first! >

< No, I did! >

Eon looked up as the two dragonets descended, fighting over a golden horn. He started to call to them and then stopped as he noticed the moogle head lying on the ground at his feet. Mogek noticed it at the same time and quickly flew up to meet the two young dragons, doing his best to block their view.

“You’re late!” the moogle said, his pom bouncing as he danced back and forth to block the dragonets.

< The horn was really lost! > Ohl Deeh said. < We were going to nap for a few days and think about it when… Eon? >

Eon flinched, the moogle head half-on as the young dragon managed to get around Mogek. “Uh, hi?”

Ohl Deeh pushed past Mogek, the horn forgotten to his friend. Eon wasn’t very good at reading dragon expressions, but he could guess what Ohl Deeh’s meant.

“Sooo… Good job finding that!” Eon said as nonchalantly as possible as Ohl Deeh and his friend slowly approached. “The moogle god entrusted me to tell you he’s really pleased, and he’ll be back soon to give you your reward.”

< Eon. >

“Really great job there,” he said again, and hit the fountain as he tried to back away. “Oh look! There he is now!” Eon said and pointed up and behind the two young dragons. They turned to look, and he quickly pulled out his chocobo whistle. The black bird flew in quickly from where she’d been grazing beyond the plaza, and Eon hopped onto her back before she’d had a chance to even land. “Go, now!” he hissed, and she obliged.

< Wait! Get back here! >

“Go go go gogogogo!”

Mogek hovered back in the plaza with Ohl Deeh’s friend, a paw shading his eyes as he watched the young dragon chase after the Warrior or Light. Eon kept shouting back every time Ohl Deeh tried to breathe fire at him, his cries echoing around the plaza as the rest of the moogles looked on. Tarresson stood beside Mogzin and laughed.

“It was a good prank though, right, kupo?”

The young dragon looked over at Mogek and grinned.

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