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Title: The Twelve
Wordcount: 880
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Just your casual theological discussions
Notes: More RPness between Eon and Sumaru. I was asked to write how Eon views his FCmates and came up with this


The Miqo’te paused at the sound of his name and looked over his shoulder to see Sumaru approaching. The Roegadyn wore his usual white armor, but Eon didn’t spot Almace or Ancile anywhere.

“’Sup, old man?”

Of all his friends, Sumaru confused him the most. Something about the large Roegadyn seemed…off, but Eon could never quite decide what it was.

“Young One,” he countered, and Eon’s tail twitched back and forth involuntarily. “A word?”

Eon turned away from the garden he’d been uselessly staring at for the past ten minutes. “What about?”

Sumaru stood beside him, but only gave a cursory glance at the growing plants. “I hear others make mention of the Twelve often, yet never you. Do you not worship them?”

Of all the things he was expecting, a religious discussion was definitely not one of them. Eon stared at the paladin for a long moment. “What.”

“Your gods. Do you not worship them?”

“First of all, that’s not really any of your business,” Eon said, idly scratching an ear. “Second of all, I think that’s the most random question anyone has ever asked me.”

“Is discussion of gods taboo?”

“No, just an odd topic.” He sighed and walked over to the table and flopped down on a stool. “Why the sudden interest?”

Sumaru joined him, his large frame sitting precariously on the small stump stool. “I have always had interest.”

You are the strangest person ever. “My people generally worship Menphina or Azeyma.” The Roegadyn furrowed his brow in thought, and after a few moments passed Eon added, “The moon and sun goddesses.”

“Ah, yes.” A pause. “By people, you mean your family?”

“Uh, well I guess. My family is a bit different since my father is a Seeker and my mother is a Keeper. But I just meant Miqo’te in general.”

“So different clans worship different gods?”

Eon’s tail twitched, somewhere between amusement and annoyance. “Why are you so curious?”

“I come from far away. The traditions of this land interest me, and you were available to question.”

The Miqo’te picked up a faerie apple from the basket and took a bite, chewing slowly as he eyed the man across the table. Sumaru sat patiently watching him, and Eon ate half the apple before he bothered to speak again. “Yes, as a general rule the Miqo’te clans worship different gods. My family reveres both Menphina and Azeyma, but I prefer Oschon.” He set the half-eaten apple on the table and spun it like a top. “What about you?”

“We do not worship your,” he paused for the briefest of seconds, “gods where I come from.”

Eon whistled and leaned an elbow against the table. “You gotta be from pretty far away. Even Sharlayans have some reverence for the Twelve.”

“I am not Sharlayan.”

“I noticed.” Eon picked up the apple and finished it off quickly before he tossed the core at Sumaru. The paladin dodged it easily and it thunked against the trunk of the cherry tree before falling to the ground.

“Why Oschon?”

Eon licked his fingers and shrugged. “He’s a wanderer, I’m a wanderer. It just kind of worked out.” He stood and stretched. “You know, if you go to Ul’dah you can find out a lot of this stuff from the thaumaturge’s guild.”

“I do not understand how you can be so blasé about your god.” The Roegadyn stood and then quickly ducked as his head brushed against the branches of the tree.

“And I don’t understand why you sound so much like an Ishgardian cleric. Lighten up, old man.” Sumaru grunted and Eon brushed some flower petals off the taller man’s shoulders. “The gods are in every part of Eorzean culture. Throw a stone and you’ll hit something named for one of the Twelve. But that doesn’t mean They have any control in my life.” Hydaelyn, however.

“In my country things are different.”

Eon shrugged. “Welcome to Eorzea.” He gave the Roegadyn a cheeky grin with just the barest hint of fangs. “We make our own destinies, old man. The gods had their time and they ceded the land to us.”

“And yet you profess to worship them.”

“There’s a big difference between worship and reliance. I recognize Their power and who They are. It doesn’t mean I expect Them to get me out of every mess I get myself into.”

“Ahh, children looking for differences where there are none.”

“Oi! Old man calling me a child; he’s the one who doesn’t even know about anything…” he grumbled to himself and then scratched at an ear. “Look, if you want a theological discussion, I’m really not the one to ask. I don’t give these things much thought. The Twelve just are. That’s enough for me.”

“Where I am from,” Sumaru said, “that is not enough.” He paused, and then gave the barest hint of a smile. “But I thank you for indulging this “old man’s” questions. Your answers were quite enlightening.”

Eon smiled back as the tension in the air faded. For a moment he worried he’d said something to truly offend Sumaru. “Uh, anytime?”

The paladin gave him a cheeky salute and sauntered away, and Eon turned back to the garden with a shrug. He lived with the strangest people.


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