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Title: The Ski Trip
Wordcount: 9330
Fandom: Steven Universe
Rating: R
Warnings: pointless, fluffy smut
Summary: With the threat of war behind them, Connie and Steven head out towards the Great North for a relaxing weekend, and maybe something more.
Notes: Geez this thing is like 18 pages long, and rushed ending is rushed, but this is the reason I am going to Hell. Early 20s romance cabin/blanket fic. Because why not. I haven't written smut in forever good God what am I doing.

The Great North was as bitingly cold the second time as the first time they were there. Steven rubbed his gloved hands together quickly and watched as his breath puffed out in little icy clouds.

“Brr. Ok, it’s definitely colder than I remember.” Connie walked up behind him and leaned up to give his cheek a quick kiss. “But this is perfect! Fresh snowfall, rolling hills; it’ll be great!”

Steven adjusted the pack slung across his shoulders as he cast a sideways glance at the skis hovering just at the edge of his vision. With the threat of Homeworld no longer hovering over them, simple pursuits like sports didn’t feel like such guilty pleasures. And even if home was calm (relatively, considering Peridot and Amethyst), getting away for a weekend was a breath of fresh air.

“You sure you got all the essentials?” he asked as he nodded at the huge travel knapsack Connie had strapped to her back. “I got the board games,” he added with a grin, and Connie laughed.

“Well, those are essential for any weekend getaway.” She tapped a finger to her chin in mock thought. “Although I think the snacks I packed come in a close second.”

They worked through the deep snows at a leisurely pace. The sun shone down bright despite the chill bite of the wind, and the rustle of the pine trees was almost like the continuous roar of the surf he’d long since grown used to. If paradise was a frozen wilderness, this would be it.

“Oh, Steven! There!” Connie grabbed his arm with both hands before she pointed one towards a large, snowy white hill. Her hands barely went around his forearms. “That looks perfect.”

“Hmm, I believe it does!” He eyed Connie out of the corner of his eye, a smirk pulling up the corner of his lips. “Race you!”

“Prepare to eat snow, mister,” Connie said with a grin, and used him as a springboard to push off into a dash through the snow. Years of training left them both in excellent shape, but Connie’s smaller, lithe frame seemed to melt through the snow while Steven just bulldozed through it. She planted herself firmly at the top of the hill seconds before he did, her cheeks red from wind and exertion. Snow covered the fronts of her legs all the way up her dark snowpants and to the beginning of her ski jacket, and the flakes stuck in her loose hairs looked like stars in a night sky. “I won! Where’s my prize?”

Steven picked her up in a bear hug, knapsack and all. “Bragging rights and the honor of first to test it out,” he said, pressing his forehead to hers for a moment before setting her down again. Connie laughed happily and shrugged off her knapsack while Steven took off his own pack and unhitched the skis from it.

“It’s a good thing we decided to wear the ski boots here,” Connie said as she settled her skis near the edge of the hill and knelt to buckle herself in. “Can you imagine trying to change here? We’d have snow down our socks in seconds.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not sure that wearing the boots didn’t solve that problem,” Steven answered, his socks already feeling a little damp from the snow his boots swallowed while racing against Connie.

“Oops.” Her knapsack lay just out of reach as she bent to grab it, and she did a little shuffle to pull it close. “I have a change in here!”

“Nah, save ‘em for later,” he said, ignoring the feeling of wet socks as he buckled into his own skis. Connie shoved her knapsack a little away and waddled her way to the edge of the hill, goggles firmly in place.

“OK, but let me know if they get too cold. Frostbite is terrible and we need to stop it before it gets a chance to start.”

“Can do.” Being half-Gem, Steven wasn’t even sure he could get frostbite. He gave Connie a big, stubbly grin. “See you at the bottom?”

She smiled back. “See you at the bottom.”

And with that she pushed off, her body low as she held the poles to her sides and gained speed. Snow whipped up around and behind her to get caught in the breeze and dance through the sky, and Steven gave himself a few seconds to appreciate the sight before he followed after.

The wind felt wonderful and terrible at the same time. His cheeks hurt from cold, but the thrill of going fast, of zig-zagging back and forth and feeling the wind tug his hair made up for it. Snow whipped around him too, getting caught in the curly ends of his ponytail when not managing to find those few spots of bare skin on his neck and wrists. Even his wet socks couldn’t detract from the sheer joy of speeding down the hill in Connie’s wake.

He skid to a stop beside her at the base of the hill, a laugh bubbling up from his stomach as she lifted the goggles off her snow-covered face. “You don’t look much better,” she said with her own laugh as she brushed the snow off his shoulders and chest.

“I know, I know. But I can’t help it. That was fun.”

“It really was.” She stretched, the poles swinging around her as the straps caught at her wrists. “It feels so good to just have fun again.”

Steven sobered slightly but didn’t lose his soft smile. He pulled her close and pressed a quick kiss to the top of her head. “Yeah. So let’s do it again.” Connie had enough time to look up at his face before he jumped and launched them both into the air to gently glide back up the hill. She let out a surprised peal of laughter and clung to him until they landed in a puff of snow.

“That is so much nicer than walking back up,” she said, and he smirked. Connie rolled her eyes playfully and pushed away. “A few more goes and then find another hill?”

“See you at the bottoooom!” Steven was already flying down the hill with a cheeky wave back at her, his hair whipping in the wind. Connie launched herself after him, goggles firmly in place, and the race was on.

Steven won that race, and the second, but Connie won the last three. By the time they each came to a stop snow caked their hair and gloves, and Connie’s dark snowsuit and Steven’s pink one might as well have been white.

“Let me,” Steven said, and brushed his hands briskly down Connie’s arms and across her shoulders in an attempt to dislodge the snow. Connie brushed his chest and sides, gathering the snow up into one gloved hand as surreptitiously as she could. “Oh look, there is a person under all that snow.”

“My hero,” she said with a grin, and lifted her arms to wrap around his shoulders. Steven happily hugged her back only to nearly shriek in surprise as she dumped the snowball down the back of his jacket. Connie laughed and quickly unbuckled her boots from her skis, and by the time Steven recovered from the shock she was a good twenty feet away and getting farther.

“Oh no you don’t,” he called after her, not nearly as smooth getting out of his own skis but making up for it in larger strides as he chased after her. Connie was prepared, and the snowball hit him in the chest as she knelt to make another in her mad dash. Steven barreled after her in the calf-deep snow as she pelted him with snowballs, slowly gaining until she was finally within reach. “Gotcha!”

They tumbled to the ground in a heap as Steven grabbed her arm and spun her around. Snow billowed around them as they landed; Steven took the brunt of the force as he flipped so Connie landed safely on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

When the snow settled her smile was inches from his own, and her hair fell like a dark curtain around them from where it fell out of her hood.

“Our beloved heroine is trapped!” she said, laughter making her voice light. “How will she get out of this predicament?”

Steven sat up, Connie still clutched tightly against him. “She better think fast, before the giant whisks her away to his snowy lair!” He spotted a huge snow dune a few feet away and trundled towards it, making boom sounds with every footstep. Connie squealed when he dumped her into the snow with a flourish.

“Ugh it’s down my jacket!”

Steven flopped down beside her, covering her in even more snow. She slapped his arm playfully as he laughed. “This really is the best.”

“Yeah.” She sat up and brushed the snow out of her hair; her hood must have fallen down when he dropped her in the snow. “I just wish it weren’t so cold.”

“Alas, the price we pay for snowy fun times.”

Connie stuck her tongue out at him and then pushed herself to her feet. Their skis were a good fifty feet away, and she made her slow way towards them as Steven stood and tapped a finger to his chin. Warm, pink light was the only warning she had before something barreled into her and she found herself sliding through the snow on Steven’s shield. He sat beside her with a huge grin on his face.

“I didn’t think that would actually work!”

He dissipated the shield a few feet from their skis and they came to an abrupt stop in the snow. Steven’s socks were well and thoroughly soaked through, and they squished uncomfortably with every step. He’d give them a few more hills before he mentioned it to Connie.

At the next hill they deemed worthy Steven forewent his skis in favor of his shield. Connie held out for two runs before she, too, joined him in the pink shield-sled. It cut through the snow even faster than their skis, but without any way to steer they flew down the hill without any direction, zig-zagging at the slightest change in incline, or spinning wildly after hitting a bump.

“OK,” Steven said when the shield-sled slowed to a halt after a particularly bumpy course, “I think I need a—“ he paused, burped, and blushed, “a break. I think my stomach is still doing flips from three hills ago.”

Connie looked marginally better, but her hair was a mess and when she stood she staggered sideways. “Yeah. I could go for some hot cocoa, too.” She took her glove off and shook out a clump of snow. “I’m freezing.”

“Are you sure that cabin is around here?”

Connie put her glove back on with a shudder. “I think we need to get a little closer to civilization, but it shouldn’t be too far.” She pulled out a compass and walked a few feet away, staggering once before catching her balance. “I think this way.” She pointed. “Do you think you could…?”

“Absolutely.” Steven picked her up and swung her around so she clung to his back and shoulders while her legs wound around his middle. Compass held where they both could see, he hooked his arms under her knees and leapt into the air until they topped the tree line. The air was even colder fifty feet above the ground, and Connie shivered against him.

“Hmm… A little more left. A little more—OK, good.” She glanced up from the compass and shielded her eyes from the midafternoon sun. “There it is!”

Steven followed her finger to see a small little cabin nestled in a clearing a few miles away. The next nearest cabin was almost out of sight.

That’s closer to civilization?” he asked with a grin.

“Relatively speaking,” she replied cheekily, and Steven laughed as he slowly descended to their gear down below.

They opted to fly, as Steven finally told Connie how cold his feet were and she insisted they get somewhere warm immediately. He lowered them down before the front door, and he peeked through the window as Connie pulled her keyring out of her knapsack.

Inside the cabin was cozy, and without the bite of the wind it was surprisingly warm. A small table with three chairs stood within a small kitchenette, and there was a large sofa and a recliner before the fireplace. Stairs ascended to a loft, and if not for the rough dark-stained wood, the antlers on the wall, and the snow outside he could almost imagine himself back in his own room at the Temple.

“Well, here we are!” Connie deposited her knapsack just inside the doorway and shrugged out of her coat. Clumps of snow littered the floor as she shook out her snowsuit and hung it on a hanger near the door. Steven followed suit, leaving even more snow in his wake as he shook out his hair and coat and dumped out his ski boots. Connie looked at his soaked socks with a frown.

“I know, I know. But we were having fun.” He peeled the socks off and wriggled his toes. The floor was cold, but at least it was dry.

“Gems,” she muttered, and made her way to the fireplace. She wore wooly green socks, yoga pants and an over-sized sweater, and Steven allowed himself the joy of just looking at her as she knelt in front of the sofa. A stack of logs rested against the left side of the brick fireplace, and she layered a few in a hastily-made teepee. Pulling his eyes away from her, Steven walked through the rest of the cabin, trailing his hand along the walls or the counter or the back of the couch, and only when he reached the stairs did he realize he was squinting.

“Are there any lights?”

“There should be a cord from the ceiling light,” Connie called over her shoulder.

“Ceiling light, ceiling light… There!” Steven grabbed the cord and pulled, and allowed himself the small joy of releasing the string so fast that it bounced up into the air and smacked into the ceiling. The light wasn’t very bright but it was enough. “Makes you miss the natural sunlight from the beach,” he said, and then flopped onto the couch to watch Connie fight with the fireplace.

“I don’t know, I kind of like this. It’s like when Lisa hid out in the woodcutter’s shack in Book 3.” Light blossomed from one of the logs and she threw her hands in the air. “Yes!” Dusting her knees off, she backed up until she hit the couch and Steven caught her as she fell.

“Why Connie, are you,” he grinned, “falling for me?”

She blushed and he pressed his forehead to hers. Connie laughed and kissed the tip of his nose before she untangled herself and stood up. “I’m going to get some water going for the hot cocoa. You should get those feet warmed up.”

“Aww but I’m comfy,” he whined and reached up to pull her down again, but she danced away from his hands with a smile. Steven sighed heavily and rolled off the couch onto his feet. They tingled, and he lifted one to look at it with a frown. They looked awfully red. “Should I run hot water over them?”

“Warm, not hot,” Connie said from the kitchenette. “Start cool and then get warmer as they adjust.”

Accompanied by the sounds of Connie rummaging in the cupboards, Steven made his slightly-painful way to the bathroom. The light in there was brighter than the main room, and it took a minute or so for the water to actually heat up, but eventually Steven sat on the edge of the tub with his feet inside and watched the water run across his toes. After another minute he plugged the tub; it was best not to waste water, especially when they were using someone else’s home.

Warm arms slid across his shoulders, and he leaned his head back to see Connie grinning down at him. She held two mugs of cocoa, and he gladly took one as she pulled back her arms and sat beside him with her back to the water. Her sweater hung off her shoulder, exposing the black tank-top she wore underneath.

“How do they feel?” She nodded at his feet as she took a sip of cocoa.

“Better.” He lifted a foot and wriggled his toes, enjoying the feel of the water as it slid along his skin. The only red remaining now was his regular, perpetual sunburn. “Though if anything really bad had happened I guess I could just lick them.”

Connie made the best face at that, and Steven laughed before he took a sip of his drink. The mug felt nice and warm in his hands. It was practically hidden compared to the way Connie’s long, slender fingers held hers. His growth spurt at seventeen had been fast and sudden, and while he’d never be as big as his mother or Jasper, he dwarfed Connie. Not that he was that much taller than her, but where she was lithe and slight he was all brawn; the shield to her sword.

“A bath does sound nice,” Connie sighed. Steven paused his idle splashing and glanced over at her. She stared at the mug she’d lowered to her lap, but her cheeks and neck were dark with her blush.

His stomach felt tight. They’d gone pretty far together, kisses and touches and shirts strewn around his room. He’d never seen her completely naked, but there was that one time Peridot broke the water pipes at his house to use for one of her morps and Connie walked over to find him bathing in the ocean. She had turned around the moment she saw him, but he caught her glancing over a few times when she thought he wasn’t looking.

“Do…you want to…together?”

Connie blushed even more but nodded.

Steven’s heart felt like it was beating in his throat as he swung his legs around out of the tub and placed his mug on the sink. Connie stood as well, but she’d already set her mug on the floor and instead turned to run the water.

Only to stop suddenly at the sight of Steven next to the tub.

“…Oh, no.”

“What’s wrong?” He glanced down at himself, at his pink sweater and blue jeans, at his warm wet toes. “Did I do something…?”

Connie shook her head and covered her mouth with her hands, and he wasn’t sure if she was laughing or crying or something in between. “Steven, please stand in the tub,” she finally said. She lowered her hands; her face was still flushed, but she looked disappointed.

He did as she asked, and his heart sank. Even standing, Steven took up almost the entirety of the tub; sitting down, there would be no room for her as well.

“Oh. …Yeah, that’s…”

Connie sighed and grabbed his hands in hers, but there was a small smile on her face as she looked up at him. “It’s OK. It was just a thought.” She leaned up to give him a brief kiss, and then she grabbed both their mugs and returned to the living area. He could hear the water run as she washed their dishes, and he sank down to sit on the edge of the tub with his head in his hands.

Why did something always have to happen? It was either the Gems coming back to the house, or Lion being Lion, or that one time her parents came home early, or the threat of war or or or. He sighed, unplugged the tub, and stood up. He didn’t even notice the wet footprints he trailed behind him as he left the bathroom.

Was it really so hard to ask for just one night to go right?

“Oh, Steven.” Connie waved him over to the floor in front of the fireplace, and he did his best not to trudge over. She’d laid out a deck of cards and one of the board games he brought, and he smiled. “Fancy a game while our dinner cooks?”

He glanced over at the kitchen to see the oven light on. Connie scratched her cheek in embarrassment. “I’d already started preheating it while I made the cocoa, but then I got caught up in the moment and sort of…forgot it was on.” She blushed even darker and Steven smiled; he loved her blush. “I guess that’s a good thing we couldn’t…”

“It’s OK,” he said, leaning forward and cupping her cheek with his huge hand. She looked up at him out of the corner of her eyes and smiled against his palm. “We haven’t had a board game night in a long time! Prepare to be trounced.”

“If I recall, you’re the one who was always being whooped by me.”

“Alas,” Steven mock cried, and held a hand to his forehead, “your memories must be shot! I clearly remember being best.”

“Oh, it is on.”

Dinner consisted of leftover casserole Priyanka made, some dinner rolls, and a lone fruit strip snack that they shared. They played card games while they ate, silly easy games they’d loved as children and didn’t take much coordination. Steven lost most of the games, but he was paying more attention to Connie than to the cards.

She’d tied her hair back after the third time it fell over her shoulder and knocked down the deck as she reached for a card. His was a massive explosion of black curls, but while her hair was just as thick it fell in gentle waves that he loved to run his hands through. He’d gotten very good at braiding just as an excuse to touch it. She also had this habit of biting her lip when she concentrated as well, and he lost at least three hands of Slapjack because he was staring at her mouth.

“Steven, are you even trying?”

“Huh? Yeah, yes, sure. Of course I am?”

Connie dropped the card she held back on her pile and leaned in close. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing’s wrong.” He swallowed past the sudden lump in his throat. He could see her tank-top again.

“You can tell me. I—“

“Ijustreallywannakissyou,” he blurted.

Connie blinked, then blushed, then laughed, then kissed him, still leaning forward with the cards a scattered mess under her hands. Steven wrapped his arms around her shoulders and dragged her against him and she smiled against his lips. She was warm and soft despite the muscle that years of training had given her, and she settled in his lap with her legs wrapped around his hips as he kissed her.

The bath had fallen through, but this was just as good. Connie had a glow around her as she blocked his view of the fire, and Steven removed her hair-tie and buried his fingers in her hair as he kissed her lips and jaw and throat. There was no warp pad for anyone to surprise them by, no one to walk in on them, no war to fight; they were finally, blissfully alone. Connie ran her hands along his shoulders and upper back, bunching up his sweater as she went. He trailed one of his own hands down her back and to her hip while the other remained to twine in her hair. When her fingers brushed against the back of his neck and then under his sweater he shuddered and paused, his lips still pressed to her throat and his breath heavy.

“Do you…want to…?”


He stood in one swift motion, Connie still in his arms. She kissed his lips and pressed her palms against the sides of his face, and he stumbled towards the stairs feeling dizzy and giddy and like his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

“Wait!” Connie broke the kiss and he felt rather than saw her point. “My knapsack. I have to get the—“

And that was when the power went out.

They stood silently in darkness as the fire crackled happily behind them.

Then, “Oh, come on!” First the bath and now this? Did the world hate him that much or was he just cursed?

Seriously?!” Connie sounded angry, and she wriggled down out of his arms to stumble away. He could barely make out her silhouette going towards the door and he followed after like a dejected puppy. Connie grumbled to herself as she threw on her coat and stuffed her feet in her boots, and Steven followed suit.


“There’s a generator on the side of the house,” she answered as she zipped up her coat. Steven shivered as he tossed his stuff back on—it was still wet and cold from earlier, and he didn’t bother to put his socks back on. The side of the house wasn’t that far away, he should be fine.

She threw open the door, and his heart sank.

The wind howled through the nearby trees, and the snow came down so fast and heavy he could barely see two feet in front of him. They’d been so caught up in each other they hadn’t even heard the storm roll in. Connie hesitated before her back straightened in determination, but Steven pushed past her.


“I’ll get it.”

“Wait, Steven—“

He smiled over his shoulder at her. “I’ll be fine.” He took a deep breath, stepped out in the blizzard, and felt Connie holding onto his arm. “Connie? It’s OK, I can—“

“Do you know what it looks like?” she yelled through the wind, and Steven blushed. She smiled. “I thought not!”

If he'd thought it was cold earlier under the sun, he was wrong. The wind went through his damp clothes like they weren't even there and settled down into his bones. The snow went up to Steven’s knees, and he instantly regretted not putting his socks back on. Not that they would have helped anyway, but his toes seemed way too happy to be the first extremities to freeze. They'd barely been outside a minute before they were caked in snow and Connie shivered behind him.

This was stupid, wasn't it? He didn't even know how far away from the door they'd gone, and he couldn't feel his fingers. The frustration that fueled him died down a little as his common sense took over.

“Maybe we should just go back in!” He stopped and turned to look at her and his hair whipped in his face.

Connie’s lips thinned as she frowned, and he could see her warring with herself just from her expression. She'd been even more excited than him. He found himself staring at her again, thinking of her lips and how warm she'd felt and how eager she had sounded, and he reached to brush the snow out of her hair when he heard the crack above him.

Then everything turned white.

Connie blinked the snow out of her eyes and coughed. Steven lay above her, his arms protectively around her. Her entire body felt frozen, and when she looked around all she saw was Steven and snow.


He groaned and opened his eyes. They looked glassy and unfocused even after he blinked a few times, and Connie reached up to touch his face. Her fingers brushed his forehead and he hissed in pain. Just what had happened?

She scooted out from under him and sat up as much as she could to look around. The snow continued to fall, but for some reason the roof was bare. Steven was half-buried in snow, and Connie gasped. That cracking sound! The snow must have collapsed off the roof.

“Steven, we have to get up.” She dug herself the rest of the way out and helped Steven as he half-heartedly pushed at the snow. “I think something hit your head. We need to get inside.”

He mumbled a response and she half-dragged, half-carried him towards the door. Either they forgot to close it or the wind had blown it open, because she finally saw the open doorway through the blizzard as she followed the side of the house. Luckily the collapsed snow hadn't blocked it, but her and Steven still had to push themselves against the door in order to get it to latch shut.

And then they were in total darkness.

“Phone, phone,” she muttered as she knelt and felt around blindly for her knapsack. Her fingers were cold and numb, and she nearly dropped her phone three times before she managed to grab it and turn on the flashlight and look around. Snow littered the doorway, and the fireplace was cold. Connie shivered and hugged herself and then turned the flashlight on Steven.

He stared at her with dull eyes, his hair caked in snow and ice, and she quickly checked his head. He had a nasty bump near his hairline, and judging by his actions he was most likely concussed. There must have been chunks of ice packed in with the snow that fell. He could usually take a hit and keep on going, but she wondered if the extreme cold had something to do with that.

“Steven, we need to get out of these wet clothes and get dry. I have to start the fire again, the wind must have put it out.” He nodded slowly. “You have a really nasty bump on your head. Can you heal it?”

He blinked at her and then smiled. “Stars in your hair,” he whispered, and ran his fingers through her hair, dislodging flakes of snow.

“Steven.” She took his hand in her free one. She couldn't stop shaking. “Please concentrate.”

He nodded. “Heal. Gotcha.” He licked his hand and then patted the top of his head, but even after they waited his eyes remained glassy. Connie had to hope it really was just sluggishness from the cold.

“We have to change.” She set the phone down so it mostly illuminated them and shrugged out of her jacket. It fell to the floor with a wet plop, and she started to unzip his when she paused. “Is it OK? I have to,” her face heated up, “strip you.”

He grinned and pressed his forehead to hers before he hissed in pain again and pulled away. Connie hoped the headbutt was a “yes.”

It's not like we weren't five minutes from undressing each other before, she thought as she peeled his jacket off and knelt to help him out of his boots. His feet were ice cold and bare. What were they even thinking?

We weren't, that's the problem.

With their outerwear left to drip on the floor, she grabbed her phone and took Steven's hand and led him towards the fire. They knelt in front of the fireplace, and he picked at his sweater as she set her phone against the couch and started building up a fire. Her own sweater was cold and irritating and she couldn't stop shivering, but there was no point in stripping if there wasn't heat for them to warm up to.

There were still some embers left beneath the older logs, and Connie had a much easier time stoking the fire this time than before. It flared up after a few minutes of coaxing, blissfully hot, and she turned to look over her shoulder. “OK Steven, I... Steven?” He wasn't where she'd left him, and she stood in a panic, but her flashlight and the fire only shone so far. Something thumped just outside the range of the light on the other side of the couch, and she grabbed her phone only to nearly fumble it as Steven walked back into the light carrying her knapsack. He'd removed his sweater and his gem flashed in the light, each facet a slightly different shade of pink.

“Need blankets, right?” His eyes looked a little less glassy, but his balance was still off and she quickly helped him sit back down in front of the steadily crackling fire.

“Thank you.” His skin was cold, and she ran her hands up and down his arms a few times to try to help warm him up. Truthfully, she didn't feel much better. He tugged at her sweater. “Yes, I know.” She tossed it off somewhere past the couch, and her tank-top followed after but with her hands as cold as they were she kept her bra on. Steven wriggled out of his jeans as she stripped off her own yoga pants, and she tried not to stare at him as she rummaged in her bag for their blankets. Why didn't I bring a sleeping bag, too? I was so not prepared for every emergency!

His arms wrapped around her shoulders as she pulled the blankets from her bag, dislodging her extra pairs of underwear and her bag of toiletries as she did so. Connie fell back against his chest and leaned her head back to look up at him looking down at her. He kissed her forehead and then rested his chin on her shoulder, his eyes closed and a small smile on his face. Connie quickly wrapped the blankets around them.

“How's your head?” The fire crackled warmly in the fireplace, and the light bounced off his curls. He hummed softly but didn't open his eyes, and she tapped his cheeks. “You can't fall asleep, Steven. You have to stay awake until your healing kicks in.”

“Don'wanna,” he muttered, and rolled over onto his side, dragging Connie and the blankets with him. He lifted a hand and brushed her hair out of her face. “You have a halo.”

“Huh?” She leaned her head back, and realized with the fire behind her like it was the light must be glowing around her. “I guess so.” He pulled her closer and she pressed her face against his chest. Under the blankets like this she couldn't even remember being cold. “...I'm sorry. I was so angry that something else interrupted us that I wasn't even thinking. If I hadn't mentioned the generator you wouldn't have gotten hurt.”

He pressed his face against her hair and mumbled something as he hugged her tight and ran his hands down her back. She shivered and wrapped her arm around his side. His gem pressed against her hip, and she sighed as the words just tumbled out. “I really wanted to be with you tonight, it's all I've been able to think about. I thought we were finally somewhere we couldn't be interrupted, and something still went wrong. But if I had just taken a moment to calm down I'd have realized we could have just done this...” His hands stilled and he didn't say anything, and Connie pulled away enough to look at his face. “Steven, don't fall asleep! You--”

“I'm sorry, too.” His eyes were still closed but his voice sounded clear. “I let my guard down.”


He opened his eyes to look at her. “Outside, I just kept looking at you and thinking about how much I wanted to be with you and,” he trailed off and ran a hand through her hair. “You're not hurt, are you?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Just cold.” She pressed her cheek against his chest. “Well, not so much anymore.”

He was quiet for a long moment. “So I think I was still out of it when you explained, but...why are we naked?” He trailed his fingers down her back again. “Not that I mind.”

Connie flushed. “Our clothes were soaked through from the snow and it was easier to do this than try to find new clothes and get dressed in the dark.” His fingers slid down her spine and she shivered.

“Makes sense.” He smiled and she squealed when he playfully snapped her bra. “It's wet, too.”

“I could barely hold my phone,” she muttered against his chest. “I didn't have any kind of dexterity to--” It snapped loose and she froze as her stomach started tying itself in knots.

He paused. “I'll rehook it if--”

“No.” She shrugged the straps down her arms and tossed it away. Steven watched her, the firelight dancing across his face and hair and making his expression unreadable. She looped an arm around the back of his head and moved so she could kiss him. He held her tighter as he kissed her back, and Connie laughed against his lips. “Why didn't we just do this in the first place?”

He smiled and rested a hand against her hip, his thumb rubbing back and forth and playing with the hem of her panties. “It's always something with us.”

Hand still resting in his hair she kissed him and shivered as he gripped her hip and pressed her body against his. His gem felt cool against her belly and his other hand supported the back of her head as he rolled over so she was pinned beneath him. He broke the kiss to trail his lips to her neck, and Connie couldn't tell if she sighed or moaned or both, but he smiled against her skin.

Steven's lips felt like fire against her, moreso than any other time they'd managed to get this far. He slid down her body until he was at her breasts, peppering her with kisses before he took her nipple into his mouth and teased her with his tongue. The hand that had been on her hip found her other breast and he ran his thumb in circles against her. She gripped his hair a little too tightly, and he abandoned her breast to reach up and pull her hand loose.

“Sorry!” she breathed out, and he smiled against her before moving his lips to her other breast. She brought her hand down from his hair to join the other against his back, fingers dancing across his skin and tracing the muscles as he moved. Sometimes it was easy to forget just how strong Steven was.

He returned his hand to her hip, and her stomach knotted each time his thumb circled just below her navel. She did her best not to squirm, but he didn't let up and she finally just reached down to grab his hand and hook his fingers under her panties and pulled down. Steven paused and glanced up at her, and she traced his chin with her other hand and nodded. “Please?” He raised himself up to kiss her lips, and absolutely nothing was innocent or chaste about it. Steven wanted her as much as she did him.

He pulled away after a long moment and butted his forehead gently against hers, and then he was moving down her body as he pulled her last piece of clothing away and disappeared under the blanket.

Connie stared at where he'd disappeared, watching the vague lumpy shape that was Steven as her stomach did flips. This was finally happening. Oh yes this was finally happening. She let her head rest back against the floor and closed her eyes. True, it wasn't exactly how she'd expected their first time to go (they were always in a bed in all her fantasies), but she wasn't about to complain. Steven was kind, and gentle, and he loved her more than anything. She loved him more than anything.

Cold air hit her feet as he lifted the blanket to toss her panties away, and her toes curled. Steven kissed the inside of her ankle as he lowered the blanket, and she did her best not to kick him as she felt his hands trace up her legs, his fingers doing little dances that tickled but also made her heart race and her thoughts scatter. But then he stopped, his breath warm on her thigh, and her eyes flew open.

He wasn't...was he? From every locker room and bathroom conversation she'd overheard she was sure boys didn't like doing that, they only liked it being done to them. Her breath hitched as she felt another breath on her thigh, and another, and this was definitely really happening and her stomach knotted again and his hands on her hips felt so nice with how his thumbs gently moved in circles over her skin. She should say something or do something to let him know it was OK but her mind was a jumbled mess and all she could do was try to catch her breath.

And when she felt his lips on her, her mind went blank.

Steven loved her breasts. They weren't very big, but they were perfect. But he was quickly beginning to love her tummy, too, especially the spot right under her bellybutton. It was soft despite the muscle he knew lingered underneath, and it was warm, and when he ran his fingers across it Connie had the best reactions.

So it stood to reason if he kissed her there she would have another good reaction.

With her panties tossed somewhere away and his own underwear following after, Steven let himself linger under the blankets. He could just make out the outline of her legs, and he traced his hand along the outside of one. She made that noise she'd done before—that weird gasp moan sound he desperately wanted to hear again—and he smiled.

Sex wasn't a complete mystery to him. They'd never managed to get this far, but he'd read some of Connie's human sexuality textbooks and he'd done his own research when he realized he wanted to make love to her. (That was the most unfortunate conversation with Garnet he didn't want to remember.) He knew the basics of how it worked, he was pretty sure he knew what to do, he just wasn't prepared for how much he wanted her.

He wasn't sure what prompted him; this was something he probably should have asked about beforehand. His hands trailed up Connie's legs as he rose back towards her belly, but when his fingers touched her hips he stopped. Her breath hitched and she made that sound again—he was pretty sure she didn't even know she was making it—and instead of the little swell of her tummy he loved so much he brought his lips to where her legs met.

Connie arched up and gasped, and he took a hand off her hip to lift the blanket and look at her. She watched him with half-lidded eyes, her lips parted and her dark skin flushed, and he didn't think she'd ever looked so beautiful.

“Is this OK?”

She bit her bottom lip and then nodded, her breasts rising with every quick breath she took. He kissed her again and she moaned and dropped her head back against the floor as her hands clutched at the blanket. When he touched her with his tongue she gasped and bucked against him, and he had to hold her hips tighter to keep her from squeezing her legs against his head. Eventually she opted to just hook her legs around his shoulders.

He took his time, losing himself in the sounds she made and the way she moved against him. Steven watched her as much as he could; the way she bit her lip after moaning, how her hair clung to her neck and cheeks, her breasts as they moved with every breath and moan and buck of her hips. She finally caught him looking at her and she gasped and then cried out and suddenly went still beneath him as her legs squeezed his shoulders. Steven stayed still and watched her until she slowly unwrapped her legs a minute later, and he let her pull him away so she could wrap her arms around his shoulders.

“Was that...?”

“Yeah,” she said, and pressed her face against his neck and kissed his throat. His erection brushed against her thigh and she glanced down between them, and then it was his turn to gasp as she ran a finger along his length. “Is this OK?”

“Y-yeah,” he breathed out and felt her smile against his neck. She moved her fingers slowly, and he wondered if he'd made her feel this crazy and felt a little guilty about it.

He held himself up with shaky forearms and rested his forehead against the floor as Connie kissed his neck and continued to trace her fingers along him. Her touches were light and hesitant at first, more curious than anything. After a few minutes she wrapped her hand around him and he gasped. Her hand moved up and down, slowly at first and then faster as his breath caught and her own breathing sped up.

“Steven?” she whispered in his ear, and he shivered.


“Can you...reach my knapsack?”

He hesitated for all of a second before he practically lunged for the knapsack resting against the couch and dragged it back towards them. He dug around until he found the small hidden pocket and unzipped it. It took longer than he thought to open the package with his hands shaking, but Connie's seemed steady as she took the condom from him and carefully rolled it along his erection.

He couldn't stop staring at her. Her cheeks glowed in the firelight and she bit her bottom lip as she concentrated, and she was so, so beautiful. The moment she glanced back up at him he kissed her and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and tangled her fingers in his hair as she kissed him back.

Despite everything she winced slightly as he entered her, and her fingers tugged painfully at his hair. He paused, her name on his lips, but she kissed him and wrapped a leg around his hips. “Don't you dare stop,” she whispered against his mouth, and he smiled.

They weren't completely in sync at first, and he worried that Connie was uncomfortable. But her grip on his hair loosened after a few minutes when they found a rhythm, and she trailed her lips along his jaw and neck. He held her close, one arm supporting her back and the other holding her hip. Her hair stuck to his arm and tangled in his fingers, and he was sure he pulled a few strands out without meaning to, but if she noticed she didn't show it. With his other hand he traced his thumb along her hip and the little swell of her belly he loved and she made that sound again.

The possibility that they might fuse never really passed his mind until he felt the familiar pull, and he fought it off as hard as he could. Not now not now not now. They fused so easily it was like breathing, and he loved being Stevonnie with her. But he wanted this experience.


“No no no!” The light from his gem faded, and he realized he'd been gritting his teeth and murmuring under his breath. Connie looked at him with wide eyes and he laughed self-consciously. “S-sorry. That wasn't directed at you.”

She kissed the tip of his nose and ran her hands through his hair. “Will you be OK...?”

He nodded, but kept Don't fuse as a mantra in the back of his mind. He was hyper aware of her, of every breath that hitched, of every movement of her hips or how her breasts felt against his chest or the feel of his gem pressed against her belly. She traced her fingers over his shoulders and down his back along the lines of his muscles and he pressed his face against the crook of her neck. She smelled like herbal soap and sweat and he kissed her collarbone.

“Steven.” Connie's voice was breathless, and the way she said his name sent shivers up his spine.


She didn't say anything else, and instead pressed her hands against his lower back and wrapped her other leg around his hip. Steven groaned as her hips rose to meet his and he pressed deeper into her. He kissed her throat as she leaned her head back against the floor and dug her nails into his back. The fire popped and he glanced up to watch the light play across her face and hair, making her glow. Her eyes were closed but she peeked one open after a moment and smiled at him.

“You're beautiful.”

She blushed and laughed, and he caught her mouth in a kiss. He could feel her smiling and he shifted the hand on her hip so his fingers brushed against her side. She broke out in a laugh and squirmed against him as he tickled her. Her body pressed up against him as he thrust forward, deeper than he'd gone before, and his breath caught as her eyes rolled back and she pressed her head against the floor and made that gasp moan he loved.

He wasn't sure if it was the sound or how she felt around him or the sight of her in the firelight but Steven lost the fight he didn't realize he'd been having with his own desires. He thrust against her, his breathing erratic as he went faster and faster, and his hand gripped her hip like a lifeline. She trailed one of her hands up to the back of his head and pulled him down to kiss her and he nearly smashed his mouth against hers. The world was spinning, and he couldn't focus on anything except how good she felt, how perfectly they fit together and how much he wanted her.

His release was sudden and fast. He gasped as the tension in his belly broke and he thrust deep inside her once, twice, and then stilled. Connie unwrapped her legs from around his hips as he slowly pulled out of her a few moments later, his breaths shallow and quick.

“Are you...?”

“Yeah, I'm OK.”

Connie's fingers tangled painfully in his hair, and he realized he must be as sweaty as her. He carefully disentangled her hand from his curls and sat up. He needed to take care of the condom, but he realized too late he had no idea where a garbage was. Connie sat up beside him and pulled a blanket around her shoulders.

“There's a small garbage just inside the bathroom,” she offered, and he grinned sheepishly and made his careful way over to where he thought the bathroom was. He only stubbed his toe once, and he made it back to their nest of blankets before he had time to register the cold. Connie welcomed him back with outstretched arms, and he sat down cross-legged and pulled her into his lap.

She curled up against his chest as he wrapped the blankets around them and gently rubbed her back. He felt...good. Tired and a bit breathless, but happy. Connie breathed out a laugh and he pressed his forehead against hers when she looked up at him. “Connie?”

She smiled and blushed. “It's just,” she paused and rested her cheek against his chest, “I really could go for a bath now.”

“I'd draw one for you if I thought the hot water was working.”

“And what would you do while I was in there?”

He grinned. “Wash your back?”

“If that's the case we should just take a shower...” she muttered and trailed off, and Steven's grin turned sly. “Steven, why do I not trust that smile?”

“Weellll, there's always the morning, right?” He nodded towards the window and the firelight reflected there. “The storm might pass by then.”

“Maybe. It was pretty bad out there, though.”

He hmm'd softly. “Maybe,” he said, his words drawn out as he thought, “I could bubble some snow, and hold it over the fire until it was hot, and fill the tub that way?”

“That's,” she paused. “That's not a bad idea, actually. But you'd have to open the door and step outside.”

He shivered at the thought and pulled her closer. She kissed his chest and smiled. “I guess we can just watch the snow fall, then?” he asked.

“Mmmm, we could,” she said, and rested her head against his chest as she cuddled close. Steven wrapped his arms around her and settled his back against the couch.

It was hard to make out past the reflected firelight, but the snow fell as strong and fast as before. “Remember the first time we watched the snow together?” he asked after a long while, and she hummed against his chest. “I was so nervous sleeping on your couch. But I was really happy when you came down.”

“It took me ages to work up the courage,” she said, and there was an edge of sleepiness to her voice. “But my desire to watch the snow with you beat out my fear of being caught.”

“We stayed up way too late.”

“Haha, yeah, we did. My mom was so mad when I nearly fell asleep at breakfast.”

He rubbed a thumb along her shoulder blade and rested his cheek against the top of her head. Connie murmured happily and he smiled. They should probably either try to find their way to the bed or he could set her up on the couch while he lay on the floor, but personal experience reminded him if they fell asleep sitting up like this they'd regret it in the morning. But Steven couldn't find it in him to move her and Connie seemed content right where she was.

His legs started to fall asleep after awhile, and he shifted a little and winced as something jabbed his leg. Connie lifted her head from his chest to look at him, her brows creased in worry. “Steven...?”

“Um,” he said, and held up a bent and twisted card. “I think...we might have ruined the deck.”

Connie reached out a hand to take the card and then laughed, softly at first but growing louder as Steven joined her. “I completely forgot they were there!” She gasped suddenly and sat up to look past his shoulder and onto the couch. “Oh no, I think my phone died. I forgot to turn the flashlight off...”

“Mine's in my bag somewhere. It should still be doing good tomorrow if you need to use it.”

“Thanks.” She started to settle back into his lap and stopped.


She slid away and stood, one hand held out for him to take. He stared at her for a moment, at the way the light danced along her silhouette, and then took her hand and stood. Connie smiled and laid the blankets on the back of the couch.

“Might as well watch the snow from a more comfortable spot,” she said when she caught his confused look.

Steven glanced down at himself and then back at Connie. “I don't think we'll both fit.”

“It's OK,” she reassured as she urged him to sit down. The couch was comfortable, but he barely fit with his feet pressed against the opposite arm rest and his head on the other. He did have a clear view of the window, though. Connie waited until he was settled before she curled up against him and dragged the covers over them. “You're like a full-sized pillow.”

He laughed and wrapped his arms around her as she settled with her head pressed against his chest. “Is that really comfortable?”

“More or less,” she said. “Definitely better than the floor.”

He combed his fingers through her hair as they watched the snow fall and her breathing eventually slowed into the even, deep rhythm of sleep. The fire cracked and the last of the logs broke apart, and the light dimmed as the flames slowly died down.

“Goodnight, Connie.”

He made sure the blankets were tucked tight around them and closed his eyes, and the last thing he was aware of was her.

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