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Title: Wounds
Wordcount: 3813
Fandom: original fiction, Daeron!book
Rating: G
Warnings: nothing really
Summary: The aftermath of the fight with Ilvitre.
Notes: I kind of hate this, but I have been working at it for about three weeks now and just wanna get it out and done. I am, however, happy to use a line I've had in my head for years, so there's that. As always, super beta.

Wounds )
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Title: Lonely No More
Wordcount: 1274
Fandom: original fiction, Daeron!book
Rating: G
Warnings: backstory stuff
Summary: Cey thought she knew everything there was to know about the mountains, but she was wrong.
Notes: Backstory! For a character that doesn't even appear... But she's important to the story, and is sort of the catalyst for everything, so. Very beta-y and I wanna develop it more, but tossing it out now anyway.

Lonely No More )
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Title: First Confluence
Wordcount: 2303
Fandom: original, Daeron!book
Rating: PG
Warnings: violence
Summary: A first meeting, an endless threat.
Notes: This is a snippet of a scene that takes place about 1/3 through the story (I think, it's still kind of nebulous). By technicality it is spoilery, but mainly in that "first turning point" kind of way. Also in super super beta.

Why does it hurt? )


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