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Title: Welcome
Wordcount: 647
Fandom: Eureka Seven
Rating: G
Warnings: post series spoilers
Summary: Maurice meets the newest member of the family.
Notes: Over seven years later, and I was hit hard with the urge to rewatch E7, and it moved me just as much the second time as the first. Then I watched the sequel. There is no sequel in my mind, and this was written to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. So be prepared for unrepentant fluff.

It's what big brothers do, right? )
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Title: Fields of Hope
Word Count: 1240
Fandom: Eureka SeveN
Rating: G
Warnings: SPOILERS. This is actually based off manga continuity, and is really just an excuse for me to give myself closure because I really needed it. I really hope it's not OOC, but the characterisations are slightly different in the manga and I'm still not entirely 100% on the anime ones. Also, I wrote (and planned) this while listening to Tanaka Rie's "Fields of Hope" so it's very very heavily influenced by listening to that and looking at heartbreaking flashbacks, so.

If you would like the song, just hit me up for it.

Also, "anemone" means "loss of hope."

I liked it, seeing you smile )
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Title: First Meetings
Word count: 383
Fandom: Eureka SeveN
Rating: G
Warnings: Set pre-series, although it references information mentioned later in the series.

First impressions )


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