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Title: Absolution
Wordcount: 100
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: PG
Warnings: suicide
Summary: The heart seeketh equilibrium.
Notes: Further interpretation of Sophia's theme. Drabble.

Absolution )
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Title: Glamour is the True End Game
Wordcount: 857
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: General silliness
Summary: Xiexie teaches Eon about the importance of fashion.
Notes: Because we could all use some silliness right about now.

Glamour is the True End Game )
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Title: The Twelve
Wordcount: 880
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Just your casual theological discussions
Notes: More RPness between Eon and Sumaru. I was asked to write how Eon views his FCmates and came up with this

The Twelve )
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Title: Names and New Beginnings
Wordcount: 2843
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: Bad and cliched writing
Summary: The start of a hero's adventure
Notes: Basically just RP background fluff what takes way too many liberties with the source material. I figure Eon's home is somewhere north of Vylbrand on one of the smaller remote islands, and he has to meet up with Alphi and Ali somewhere so I figure why not some random un-named port...somewhere.

Names and New Beginnings )
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Title: Pranks
Wordcount: 1072
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: Some very minor Mog quest spoilers
Summary: Because pranks are always a good idea.
Notes: Inspired by the Mog Quests, and the fact that dragonets basically have the mentality of young children. Might be some OOC, I am not 100% on everyone's personalities.

Pranks )
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Title: Not All Anniversaries are Good Ones
Wordcount: 1006
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Sometimes you just need to drink a bottle of wine.
Notes: Eon introspection touching on RP backstory.

Not All Anniversaries are Good Ones )
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Title: Flowers
Wordcount: 431
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers up through 3.3.
Summary: A chat with a dear friend.
Notes: Welp, that didn't take long. I am still not over this.

Flowers )
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Title: Gardening
Wordcount: 293
Fandom: FFXIV
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Gardening fun
Notes: This is just the start of a collection of little drabbles about my FFXIV character, Eon. May be updated, may not, it's just a whim thing.

Gardening )
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This is a (very beta) bio of my FFXIV character, Eon Reaver. For possible use in RP.

Bio goes here )

Any tips or suggestions welcome. This is still a WIP.
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Title: A Sea of White
Wordcount: 604
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV
Rating: G
Warnings: spoooooilers for 3.0
Summary: Lost in a blizzard, the Warrior of Light meets an old friend.
Notes: I looked at my Wind-up Haurchefant minion and had feels and this is the result. Extreme beta, written in like 15 minutes while FC crafting. Mostly just to get the idea down.

A nightmare of Allag made flesh )

Edited version )


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