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...What is this "Don't expect frequent updates" warning I have, again?

Title: The Spindle
Wordcount: 726
Fandom: Gundam00
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for Allelujah's past.
Summary: Marie wants to feel.

Allelujah fanfiction: abusing italics tags since 2008. Also, the way he imagines Marie is an idea blatantly stolen from my favorite children's book.

Please tell me! )
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Title: Taste
Wordcount: 1050
Fandom: Gundam00
Rating: R
Warnings: Almost noncon, Hallelujah, language. Dark fic set sometime after S2-7 and ignoring events in the last few episodes. (Note: this would be that "other fic" I mentioned with the last one.)
Summary: Allelujah doesn't always have the control he thinks he does.

Let me taste her, too )
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Title: Loudness Factor
Wordcount: 294
Fandom: Gundam00
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Hallelujah, allusions to sex. Spoilers for after S2 E7. Mainly just a crack idea, and not at all taking a potentially serious situation, uh, seriously (that's for a different fic).
Summary: Allelujah and Marie have some weird bedroom habits.

Don't involve the rest of the ship, please )
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Title: A Room of White
Wordcount: 219
Fandom: Gundam00
Rating: G
Warnings: References pasts and also post-series, but is mostly introspection. I played fast and loose with Allelujah's childhood, but I don't think it explicitly goes against canon.
Summary: Allelujah's thoughts on Marie.

He was never fond of white. )


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